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Breathwork Healing
Facilitator Training
Join us as you embark on a journey of learning how to facilitate others in their healing through the powerful practice of breath.  This training is designed to empower you through personal practice and self-exploration, while offering a fundamental understanding of the tools and knowledge needed for you to feel confident in leading your own sessions.  We dive into one on one, partner, and group sessions, as well as how to support clients online.  With a total duration of 50 hours, this training encompasses 46 hours of interactive learning and hands-on experience, as well as an additional 4 hours dedicated to self study/practice.  No prior training or certification is necessary to participate in this program.  It is open to anybody seeking an opportunity to expand their own healing and share it with others.


We have been leading people in transformational work for over a decade. For us, the value in sharing this work is immeasurable and we are thrilled to have you come learn and grow with us.  In order to receive your certificate from Breathwork Healing, you must attend 100% of the training.

Upcoming Trainings

November 3-9, 2024




Be part of this immersive, transformational week of learning, growing, and creating a new space for you to confidently step into your life’s purpose.  This serene, beautiful setting offers the perfect backdrop for self-discovery, healing and breath! 



  • 7 days/6 nights at the Peace Retreat and Wellness Centre
  • Group transportation to and from Liberia airport
  • Group breakfast, lunch and dinner provided daily (plant based, locally prepared)
  • Onsite cafe offering beverages and snacks for purchase
  • Free time to relax and explore
  • Daily 5-minute shuttle service to the beach (outside of training hours)
  • On site pool with cozy outdoor spaces
  • Exclusive access to open air studio spaces
  • WIFI
  • February 21-February 23 and February 28-March 2, 2025

    In-Person Training

    February 21-February 23 and February 28-March 2, 2025

    Online Training

    Program Curriculum
    Included but not limited to:


    • Foundations of Breathwork
    • Self Exploration & Self Discovery
    • Trauma in Relation to Breathwork
    • The Business of Breathwork
    • Practical Experience as a Breathwork Facilitator
    • How to Powerfully Assist
    • The Art of Music & Creating Safety
    • The Brain in Relation to Breathwork
    • Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
    • Working 1:1, with Partners, and in Group Settings
    What Does it Mean to be Certified?
    There is currently no governing body for breathwork in Canada. What this means is that anybody can be a Breathwork Facilitator with or without having been trained. That being said, our training is a comprehensive program that combines everything we have learned as teachers, mentors, and Breathwork Facilitators ourselves. Together, we carry over 2000 hours of training in breathwork, yoga, transformational healing, trauma healing, coaching and beyond. We have led countless workshops and sessions ourselves, as well as assisted in other trainings over the years. Our certification offers you all the knowledge you need to confidently and powerfully lead others in a breathwork session. To answer the question, “Will I be certified?” Yes, you will hold a Breathwork Healing Facilitator Certification, that simply translates to: I have completed a 50-hour training in how to lead people through a powerful breathwork session.

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