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About Breathwork

In a breathwork session you will breathe a circular breathing technique that allows you to quiet down your ego and light up your subconscious mind. This technique is different than other restorative or pranayama practices. It will give you access to process any unhealed emotions, perceptions or traumas, past or present that trigger you in your daily life. Breathwork isn’t easy, it will feel uncomfortable; however, all of the payoff lives in this uncomfortable space. Breathwork heals in so many ways and always delivers a powerful experience. Come with an open mind, leave with an open heart. This could change your life.

  • process or heal emotional pain or trauma
  • relieve stress and find deep relaxation
  • soften your nervous system
  • reprogram the cells in your body
  • relieve chronic physical pain
  • break down walls and awaken your authentic self
  • discover greater self-love
  • create more loving relationships
  • experience feelings of joy and/or deep inner peace
  • feel more connected to yourself and others
  • increase self-confidence
  • deepen your breath capacity
  • strengthen your diaphragm and lungs
  • balance your mood
  • tap into your higher states of consciousness
  • detox on a molecular level
  • phenomenal revelations
  • reach a higher vibration that aligns with your desired reality
What You May Experience Physically
During the first half of your breathwork session, especially for your first time, you may experience many body sensations that could feel strange to you.  Please know that you are safe and that these sensations can become less, the more you practice breathwork. Please also know that during your session, you can ask for support at any time should apprehension of what you’re feeling arise. You are in control and all of your physical symptoms will subside during the second half of your session.  Some of the physical sensations you may experience are:
  • tingling or tightness in different areas of your body
  • temperature fluctuations
  • light headed
What You May Experience Mentally
Breathwork has an undeniable way of allowing you to tap into your subconscious mind, where memories and emotions are stored and often trapped in time. As breathwork brings you to your edge, it is common for some mental dialogue to arise, attempting to “save” you from what could be a life changing experience. The mental chatter you experience is totally normal, and part of your ego mind. You’ll get the most out of your session if you can override some of your disruptive thoughts by using your breath and intention to heal. Staying connected to your breath and allowing your subconscious to flow can open you up to the root experience of your patterns. They can then be reconsidered, released and re-integrated back into the body with a new perspective.
What You May Experience Emotionally
The practice of breathwork can elicit a wide range of emotions from anger and frustration to sadness, love, and joy.  As you bypass the ego and into the sub-conscious mind, you are able to experience these emotions with more freedom.  The more you break down your walls, surrender, and breakthrough emotional barriers, the more your body will want to release.  This release may be expressed as tears or a cathartic outpouring of emotion. Whatever you feel, even if it’s nothing at all, trust that you are having the experience you’re meant to.
Atmosphere and Experience
Breathwork is usually set in an intimate setting with the lights low or completely off.  We play loud mainstream or instrumental music that connects you to the experience in a deeper way. This creates a powerful, yet nurturing environment that allows you to feel safe, empowered, and supported.  The facilitator will start each session by explaining the practice of breathwork and what you may experience. They will then guide you through 22 – 28 minutes of an ACTIVE breath, followed by a release portion that involves a more soothing breath. Finally, they will guide you through a meditation, bringing you to the end of your session. The overall experience takes you on a journey of deep inner healing.


For online sessions, you choose how you would like to set up your own breathwork space. Using your laptop or phone, you will tap into the powerful music and dialogue as you breathe in the comfort of your own home. This is a private experience in whatever space you have chosen for yourself. Your breathwork facilitator will guide you through the journey of active breath, release and meditation until the end of the session, where you have the option to rest and enjoy some additional music and space to process.

What is actually happening?

Why do I need breathwork? Why should I breathe?

Is breathwork right for me?

  • a history of cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack
  • high or low blood pressure or use of a pacemaker
  • glaucoma, retinal detachment
  • osteoporosis
  • significant recent physical injuries or surgery
  • mental illness or seizure disorders or for persons using major medications
  • a personal or family history of aneurysms
  • you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant

What is the atmosphere like? Or what does a typical session look like?

Am I doing it right?

Am I hyperventilating?

What causes cramping or tightness in my hands, feet and extremities?

What is tetany?

Am I supposed to cry?

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