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Heal Yourself, Heal the World:
Your Journey Starts Here!

Join us as you embark on a journey through self-discovery, healing, and breath! Our Breathwork Facilitator Training will empower you through your own breathwork practice, intuition and self-inquiry. It will give you the confidence and tools needed to build your own breathwork business and guide others to lead a life of fulfillment, joy and love!

Breathe With Us…

Breathwork heals in so many ways and always delivers a powerful experience. Come with an open mind, leave with an open heart. This could change your life.

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Nurturing. Compassionate. Inspiring.

See what our past participants are saying about us!

Breathwork came into my life at one of my biggest emotionally crippling rock bottoms. My first class cracked me wide open; it got me back into my body for the first time in my adult life, and allowed me to process big emotions with love and compassion. I went almost every week after that and my personal growth (and emotional healing) excelled immeasurably… Breathwork helps expand my ability to show myself and others more love and compassion, to feel more gratitude without forcing it, and to feel at peace within myself and with the world. I am so grateful to Breathwork Healing for introducing me to this healing modality that I’ll be practicing forever!

Shannon MaryHigher Self Sound Healing

Breathwork has been incredibly beneficial for me to help release long held physical responses to fear and grief. The instructors are compassionate, the environment is safe and comfortable and the music allows for both motivation and anonymity in releasing emotions.

Lisa CarnwithHypnotist

This simple yet powerful breathing technique is one of the most incredibly transformative tools I have come across on my healing path. I have worked with plant medicines yet this modality is as powerful in terms of what you can release from your nervous system. You don’t even need to know what you want to heal. The breath and your body will bypass your conscious mind and do the work for you. I have released fear, anger, sadness and feelings of depression while doing this form of Breathwork.

Jennifer CampbellChronic Fatigue Syndrome

I seriously can’t say enough amazing things about Breathwork Healing. The practice of Breathwork has helped me heal trauma that I didn’t even know was sitting in my body, affecting my mental and overall health. It has allowed me to be open and vulnerable, bringing in more love. It has given me the opportunity to find more peace, and to be present in my everyday life, so I can feel a sense of balance, where my mind and body work in harmony. Kelly, Debbie, and Courtney are the most compassionate and kind humans, and they will hold space for whatever you need during your practice. I’m incredibly grateful to them for having brought this practice into my life. So much love for you all. THANK YOU.

Kayla EisenerMama & Owner of Mindful Mama HypnoBirthing + Yoga

I really cannot say enough about how life changing breathwork has been for me. One hour of breathwork has felt more gratifying than years of talk therapy. I was skeptical at first, I questioned what I would get out of breathing for an hour, but I am so grateful that I showed up with an open mind. I have processed traumas and experienced an emotional release that I didn’t know was possible. Because of breathwork, I have connected to myself and my emotions which has been so cathartic. I am forever filled with gratitude for this practice.

Annie Ormonde

It was a year ago that Kelly came back from teacher training in LA and invited me for a practice Breathwork class that changed my life. I vividly remember getting up after that first experience and saying “what just happened and where has this been all my life?!” This practice has safely allowed me to grieve my own, my parents’, my grandparents’ trauma and loss. Each time, I am able to feel and release those stuffed down emotions, and let go of my daily life stresses. I rarely have missed a session since last year because this practice is so powerful. I am so grateful for Kelly, Debbie, and Courtney for bringing and sharing this practice with the community.

Jana BondarBusiness Owner

The first time I went to a Breathwork class I was not feeling bogged down, I just went to see what it was like. It was such a huge release for me, something that has been ruling me for years, and I let it out. It feels healed almost a year later, I am most surprised by that aspect, the weight of that self judgement has been lifted. Breathing that one class has had a profound impact on three of the most important relationships in my life. Each time I have returned to Breathwork has been a new experience. There are other significant things which are no longer running me, as well as some of the sessions a pure, overwhelming joy and gratitude. Sharing this practice with my friends and family has been amazing too! This year on my birthday I practiced a Breathwork class with my husband, my mom, and a handful of the most incredible friends who are my family. I have so much love for this practice, Kelly, Debbie & Courtney, and these gifts.

Joceyln Rudd

Breathwork has been such an important tool for my healing. It’s been the most effective way I found to really bring up and deal with the heavy emotions and pain I haven’t been able to process, especially from the things I don’t consciously remember or have even blocked out. It gives you an easy and clear path to release it from your mind and body. I’ve been using it to help heal from depression and anxiety caused from childhood trauma I didn’t realize I had until recently, where my emotional needs were not met as a child. Being able to fully feel and release the emotions has helped me to see and become more of who I always was underneath it all, that pain was never me and it was time to be free from it. I am more able to show up as my authentic self in a way I’ve never felt able to before. I’m so grateful for this practice!

Chantelle Mitchell

Debbie and Kelly’s Breathwork practice has provided me with the ability to breathe into myself into all the space of unwanted thoughts, pain, suffering and into past life’s and karmic ancestral patterns. Through the Breathwork practice they provide the guidance to move from the physical body and delve deep into my internal being of self into the landscape of self-awareness in unearthing emotions, trauma and physical pain through the breath. Kelly and Debbie guide the breath into opening up this internal landscape to the very essences of self to begin to heal from the inside into finding stillness within the breath.

Chantal Daignault

Breathwork reaches deeply inside me. A wide range of powerful emotions have come forth. It has helped me speak about and face some unsettled occurrences in my life. I’ve also happily had laughter released during Breathwork.

Larry Bartlett

Breathwork is one of the most unique and soul cleansing experiences I have encountered so far! I’ve tried it three times now and each time was completely different. I didn’t think I “needed” it because I didnt’ feel broken but then I realized that, that wasn’t the purpose at all. Breathwork is for what ever YOUR body needs in the moment of YOUR Breathwork practice. I have so much love and gratitude for my Breathwork guides and friends for re-introducing me to my own breath.

Lindsey Holland

Starting Breathwork, I was a bit skeptical fo waht some people shared about their experiences. Despite my skepticism, from my very first session, Breathwork has allowed me to tap into past experiences that I had a long forgotten about. It helped me deal with them from a different perspective. Guided by Courtney, I feel completely safe to experience any memories and emotions taht come up during a session. Her loving compassion and personal attention provide for a completely supported experience in a very profoundly touching and moving way. Anyone who wants to gain insight into how to move beyond past events, relatinoships, or thinking, should consider Breathwork.

Scott Shigeishi

Breathwork gives me the ability to free my emotions without having to label them, I get to just let go. For me, I am learning that not everything needs to be expressed through words- some thing’s just need to be released through emotion. I am forever grateful to Kelly and Courtney for introducing me to this work. After one breathwork session, I noticed a decrease in pain in my physical body and emotionally I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Allison TiplerTeacher

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